About KFR

KFR is a full service mechanical engineering firm that provides a wide range of engineering solutions for the buildings industry. Our mechanical designs for new and existing buildings - while primarily focused on interior environments - also include the design of energy efficient plumbing systems which limit the demand for water consumption and reduce maintenance costs.

At KFR, we pride ourselves on our use of innovative design practices and we continually seek out new technologies to provide our clients with facilities that perform not only for the present, but well into the future.

We are committed to developing effective mechanical systems that respect utility demands, and are simple, maintainable, and fit within project budgets. 


KFR Engineering’s leadership team composed of two partners and three associates. Our firm was incorporated in 2009, and KFR’s partners have a combined total of over 75 years’ experience in mechanical engineering. Please follow the links below for full LinkedIn profiles.

S. Migo Kelada, P.Eng., LEED®AP

Migo has over 23 years of mechanical engineering experience and expertise. He strives to design mechanical systems to that not only meet building standards, but increase efficiency and maintainability for building users. As a Lead Project Engineer who takes great pride in his work, Migo remains committed throughout the duration of a project, ensuring all mechanical system needs are satisfied. To read more on Migo, please click here

N. Patrick Fleming, P.Eng., LEED®AP

Patrick, well known for his ability to foster strong working relationships, encourages open communication with stakeholders throughout all phases of a project. With over 21 years in the mechanical engineering industry, he has developed a strong “think outside the box” approach to projects, recognizing there is no one solution to any given situation. To read more on Patrick, please click here

Dwayne M. Rose, R.E.T., LEED®AP - Retired

Mr. Rose is a founding partner and former principal of the firm.  He has retired from his leadership role as of 2017 to pursue retired life.  KFR Engineering thanks Dwayne for his years of leadership and continued friendship.  Good fishing Dwayne!

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