Edmonton Medical Examiners Building Addition


36,400 Sqft




Edmonton, Alberta




The laboratory addition to the Edmonton Medical Examiners’ Office build was determined as necessary to meet the growing demands on the existing facility. This addition includes a 6,900 ft2 addition for a new toxicology lab and garage drop-off, and a 3,100 ft2 addition for a new CL3 bio-containment autopsy suite for autopsies of suspected contaminated bodies.  The existing 26,400 ft2 of space is being completely renovated, including new and upgraded autopsy rooms, support spaces and offices. 


The mechanical systems are designed to LEED Silver standards and is currently pending certification. The systems are unique in that they use 100% outdoor air systems with high efficient energy recovery systems. Occupancy sensors are used in key areas to reduce air system demands. High efficient, condensing boilers are utilized in a cascading system to maximize system operations.

In addition, condensing water heaters and low flow plumbing fixtures with hands-free operation are utilized to minimize facility water consumption.

Edmonton Medical Examiners Building Addition
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