Frobisher Inn Expansion


48,000 Sqft




Iqaluit, Nunavut




This project is 2 storey suite expansion and conference centre redevelopment in the existing Frobisher Inn hotel complex.  In addition, this includes replacing an existing recreational facility with an operational swimming pool. The project also involves the phased replacement of the recreation complex with a new conference center.

The mechanical systems were designed with full air side heat recovery, and rooms and suites were provided with fan coil units with state-of -the-art occupancy and temperature control capability for further energy enhancements. Design provisions allowed for use of new air systems to provide for displacement ventilation system of conference areas.


The Frobisher Inn expansion project is located in Iqaluit, and presented many logistical and resource challenges as well as cold weather construction considerations. In addition to the expansion of the complex, there are a series of long term stay housing units which were constructed as part of the complex to compliment the hotel facility. The entire complex receives energy supply form an on-site campus style distributed heating system. All construction products (shipping and procurement) needed to be addressed well in advance of site assembly in order to meet the barge schedules, and staging of material on site during construction also presented interesting challenges. Of particular interest are the unique design requirements and construction strategies applied to meet the cold, and frequently hostile, climates in the region.  

Frobisher Inn Expansion
Frobisher Inn Expansion
Frobisher Inn Expansion
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