Morrison Hershfield Centre


$27,000 Sqft




Edmonton, Alberta




Camgill Enterprises engaged KFR Engineering to design mechanical systems for a new three storey office space for Morrison Hershfield in Edmonton.

Heating and cooling systems for the occupied spaces is achieved by way of overhead forced draft distribution ductwork and heat pump air conditioning units, allowing for control of space temperature, ensuring coverage of exterior zones.  A hydronic heating circuit with a high efficiency boiler system heats the parkade with unit heaters, and entrance heaters are provided at major exits.  An in-slab ramp heating system is used to accommodate snowmelt on the parkade ramp. 

Cooling is achieved by the previously mentioned ceiling- mounted heat pumps for zone control of interior and exterior tenant and common spaces. Coupled with the supply of primary ventilation air, this provides comfortable and cost effective space conditioning. The system is capable of simultaneous heating and cooling functions in adjacent zones, which improves occupant control over the indoor environment. 


Energy savings on operating costs is achieved by use of integrated “air side heat recovery” assembly in the air systems reduces outdoor air heating loads. A high efficiency gas fired burner in the air system tempers air supplied to the building. In addition, condensing hot water heaters and low flow plumbing fixtures with hands-free operation are utilized to minimize facility water consumption.

Morrison Hershfield Centre
Morrison Hershfield Centre
Morrison Hershfield Centre
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