Pembina Lodge Addition


73,000 Sqft




Westlock, Alberta




Pembina Lodge is a seniors living complex, originally built in 1960. The addition to the lodge includes a 4 storey, 66 unit facility linked to the existing building. The new complex was constructed using a combination of conventional wood frame construction as well as prebuilt modular living units. The building includes atrium spaces for functions and gatherings, as well as amenities such as laundry, training rooms, and a salon. 

The mechanical systems are a combination of conventional and high efficient equipment and distribution which allows for the connection of factory-assembled modular systems with site-fabricated primary service connections and equipment.


Pembina Lodge is an interesting facility in that a hybrid construction technique was undertaken and the majority of the facility was constructed off-site in a compartmentalized fashion. Each bay of suites was factory assembled and finished as shipped to site, then stacked and secured in place. The remaining mechanical infrastructure was connected on site after arrival of the modular units. This process allowed for the majority of the construction to be completed in an expedient fashion and within a controlled environment. Special project challenges were the coordination of factory assembled systems and the associated site work and startup.

Pembina Lodge Addition

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