University of Alberta - RCRF

Leed Certification Level

Green Globe Level Four


45,000 Sqft




Edmonton, Alberta




This facility is a new facility for the University of Alberta RCRF (Research Collections Resource Facility) on the U of A South Campus in Edmonton. The building is a 45,000 ft2 facility that contains office space, a reading room, document processing and storage space for research materials. This includes books, maps, microfiche, and film.

The mechanical systems are variable air volume with chilled water cooling for the office area. The storage area is a constant volume system with dehumidification capabilities for fine levels of humidity control. A high efficiency magnetic bearing chiller is utilized for chilled water. Perimeter heating and reheat coils are served by high efficient condensing boilers to maximize system operations. The facility is designed to Green Globes standards with a target of four globes.

In addition, condensing water heaters and low flow plumbing fixtures with hands-free operation are utilized to minimize facility water consumption.


KFR Engineering was the prime mechanical consultant.

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